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The Judge

The equivalent of a classic muscle car, the Judge has been lovingly and painstakingly restored, making it even better than original condition. It was built in 1978 by King Ship Builders for a friend of Captain Randy’s, Joey Morris. He was nicknamed “the judge” and so The Judge found its name. Sold and re-named the Hailey-Marie, Jack Gore purchased it in August 2012 and re-christened it The Judge. The Judge features twin Gary Mills refrigeration units and Burbank Trawl nets. The nets use the latest in turtle-elimination devices and exceed the National Marine Fisheries requirements. Because of BD Judge’s dedication to responsible shrimping, The Judge is the first shrimp boat that has been accepted to the Georgia Grown program, a marketing and economic development program of the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

Captain Jack Gore

Captain Jack has spent his life learning almost everything there is to know about catching and selling seafood. He started in 1946 by watching his father in the crabbing business; it was there he learned what it costs in terms of supplies and labor to bring a product to market. Back then, if the crab wasn’t moving then it wasn’t selling. Early on, Jack’s father instilled an appreciation of the importance of only selling the freshest and best seafood.

In 1952, Jack started his first job on a shrimp boat as a “box boy,” doing any job required. In 1958 he purchased his first boat and spent the next 25 years fishing the waters of Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida, all the way to Key West. During this time he had a fleet of boats and researched the best methods for how to store shrimp, even visiting commercial shrimpers in Panama. In the early ‘80s, when pond-raised imported shrimp decimated the American market, Jack sold his boats and pursued other business ventures. He continued to wait and hope that the demand for wild caught shrimp would again make shrimping a profitable business. By 2012, Jack knew the timing was right. He bought The Judge with the idea to sell the best high quality, wild caught shrimp and educate the customer about what chemicals can potentially be in the seafood they purchase.

Captian Jack Gore
Captian Randy Cuthrell

Captain Randy Cuthrell

If it were 200 years ago, Captain Randy would have been a pirate. Born with the sea in his blood, he learned from his grandfather, who was a professional fisherman. By 1976, Randy joined the Navy and received an honorable discharge in 1982. Keen to get back on the water, he captained The Rebel Flag out of Galveston, Texas. He spent six years as a captain for Pinealls Seafood, which sold exclusively to Red Lobster restaurant. In 1989, he ran Lang’s Pride out of St. Mary’s, Georgia, fishing for rock shrimp.

In 32 years as a captain, Randy has never had a fishery violation. He takes great pride in his work and strives to be the best. One way he does this is through participation in net development programs with Burbank Trawl Makers. He tests the latest in bi-catch reduction devices and turtle elimination devices. He has spent the past two years as captain of The Judge, fishing the waters from North Carolina to Melbourne, Florida. He believes East Coast white shrimp are the best in the world and is passionate about providing the highest quality shrimp to the customer.

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